Ferrocon removes rust from steel and metal. It primes the surface with a steel-hardened integrated layer

Ferrocon: Rust remover and primer in one!

Ferrocon stops the rusting process permanently because it has a 4x lower viscosity than water. It converts the rust into a phosphate coating, which is hard as steel and can never break, peel or come lose from the surface in any way. Paint will stick to this surface much better and longer, then any other conventional primer out there.

4x lower viscosity than water.

  • Very economical: 1 liter is sufficient for an average 88 ft2.
  • Available in 25 Liter.

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Full Description

Ferrocon: Specifications and features

Ferrocon is the best product in the world to remove rust from steel and metal. At the same time it primes the surface with a steel hardened integrated layer, which can never break or peel off. You can finish the surface with a coating of choice.


  • Rust converter/remover and primer with one stroke of the brush.
  • Removes copper corrosion.
  • Removes rust and forms a hardened steel surface.
  • Remove loose parts of rust, no need for sandblasting or grinding.
  • After the Ferrocon treatment, you must apply a finishing layer before the metal starts to rust again.
  • Creates an excellent primer for any finish / coating, which will stick better and longer than on any conventional primers.
  • Perfect primer for any coating (except zinc) which is needed to protect the metal from moisture to prevent rust.
  • 4x lower viscosity than water.
  • Particularly strong adhesion to concrete reinforcement steel.
  • Resistant to oil, gasoline, diesel, but also to road salt and sea salt (the coating will be more durable through sea salt).
  • Nonflammable and non-explosive (water base).
  • Perfect surface treatment without sandblasting (very coast effective).
  • Shelf life 24 months.
  • Coverage per litre, 8-10 m2.
  • The temperature of Ferrocon and the surface must be at least 59° Fahrenheit (the higher the temperature the faster the result).
  • Available in 25 Liter.

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Ferrocon can be used on:

Ferrocon removes:

Ferrocon: application

What Ferrocon does:

Derust and prime iron with FerroconRust remover

Ferrocon is a revolutionary product that leaves any conventional product with the same application in its shadow. Ferrocon is a simple, economical, effective and safe rust converter for iron and steel. Ferrocon creates an extremely hard phosphate coating on the surface of the metal, which attaches not only on the surface, but also nestles itself into the micro pores and hairline cracks.


As a primer, when compared to traditional primers, Ferrocon has an extremely long adhesion to the finish coating. Therefor, Ferrocon is of great value in the fight against, and prevention of, rust.

The primer is created by exchange of ions with the metal and forms a barrier for corrosive elements such as water, oxygen, acids, etc. Ferrocon forms a protective layer so we have the perfect primer for any coating (except zinc) which is needed to protect the metal from moisture to prevent rust. Ferrocon will keep the surface of the metal rust free for several weeks (depending on its environment), before a new  coating needs to be applied.

How Ferrocon works:

Ferrocon leaves behind an extraordinary steel-hardend permanent coating, that can never break or peel off. It also nests itself in the micro-pores and veins of the metal and because it has a 4x lower viscosity than water, the rusting process can never startup again from the inside out.

By exchanging ions the primer becomes in cohesion with the metal, creating a barrier against corrosive elements like water with sea salt. Ferrocon is resistant to sea salt, the coating will be more durable because of it.

Note: on new iron and steel Ferrocon forms a protective layer. This is perfect for metal that needs to be transported, or lies in storage for a longer period.

How to use Ferrocon:

Ferrocon can be used on both steel and iron new and old.

Before starting the application, the surface of the metal must be free of obstructing materials such as grease, oil, paint or other covering materials. Also remove loose rust parts. Then apply Ferrocon where it is required.

Ferrocon can be applied on a surface temperature between 59° F and 176° F. Shake before use. It’s possible to dilute with water. However, the reaction time will be slowed down.

Ferrocon can be applied with a brush, paint roller, low pressure sprayer or dip tank.

Ferrocon steel derust before and afterNote: avoid (rain) water during the application and drying process, except if cleaning to bare steel without the coating is required. To create a bare clean steel, apply Ferrocon, wait until the reaction is done (approx one minute), then rinse off with water. 

Note: 1 part Ferrocon (possibly used in dip tank) with 20 parts of water, makes an excellent fertilizer for home and garden plants.

For more information about rust removal, please click here.

  • Ferrocon application instruction


    • Before application, the surface of the metal must be free of obstructing materials as grease, oil, paint or other covering materials. Remove loose parts of rust, no need for sandblasting or grinding the metal.
    • During the drying process, avoid rain/water washing away the Ferrocon unless you wants a clean bare metal rather than the a protected later. Should this occur unwantedly, a second application could be necessary.
    • Ferrocon can be diluted with water. However, the reaction time will be slowed down.

    Note: In order to speed up the de-rusting process, you can heating Ferrocon up to a max. 176° Fahrenheit. This will dramatically accelerate the reaction time and speed up the whole process.

    Dip tank:

    Ferrocon is ideal in a dip-tank, because the solution can be used several times. Not a single spot will remain untreated with this method. Any moving parts such as screw-thread, couplings etc., rinse or wipe off after application. Ferrocon does not react with rubber.

    Note: No need to throw away after prolonged use; dilute with water; 1 part Ferrocon to 20 water and you’ll have an excellent fertilizer for your home and garden plants.

    Loosens rusted screws quickly.

    Ferrocon and salts:

    Ferrocon is especially recommended for steel which will come in contact with salt, brine water, seawater, etc. Vessels such as, containers, bridges, pipelines, oil rigs, offshore oil derricks and other offshore structures. Excellent tool for removing rust. Metal parts can be dipped into Ferrocon without damaging rubber or plastic washers, gaskets or membranes.

Use how much Ferrocon:

1 liter of Ferroccon is sufficient for an average of 88 ft2.

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Ferrocon can be used on:

  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Stainless steel (wash clean)
  • Concrete (rust stain remover)
  • Copper (corrosion remover)
  • Glass and Enamel (lime and other pollution remover
  • Dip tank (the Ferrocon solution can be used multiple times).

Ferrocon can be used for:

  • Pipes (rust removal, priming and flushing the inside)
  • Wheel rims
  • Cast iron stoves
  • Reinforcing and structural steel
  • Old-timer cars
  • And much much more…

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