ferrocon - derust steel

Ferrocon is human- and environmental friendly!


Do you need to remove rust from your car or bicycle? Or refinish the keel of your boat and sandblasting is not an option? Ferrocon will not only remove the rust, but also create an hardened steel layer that can be used as a primer. Ferrocon will get the job done!

Ferrocon is a human- and environmental friendly rust remover and primer in one.

Equipment / material

Low-pressure sprayer, brush or dip tank
Are used to apply Ferrocon.

Protective clothing
There are no real requirements for protective clothing, Ferrocon is human- and environmental friendly. You could however use rubber gloves, due to the alkaline (degreasing) character of Ferrocon.

Remove rust from steel and prime - with Ferrocon!
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Step-by-step guide removing rust

  • Make sure that the surface is free from grease, oil, paint or other sealing materials. Remove possible loose parts of heavy rust.
  • Use rubber gloves (because of alkaline character of Ferrocon).
  • Stir or shake Ferrocon before use.
  • If you want to remove rust from a large surface, we recommend you use a low-pressure sprayer. For smaller jobs, a paint brush or roller will do.
  • Fill-up the low pressure sprayer with Ferrocon, then spray the surface of the metal evenly.
  • When you use a dip-tank, leave the metal in the tank for two minutes.
  • When the dip-tank is heated up to 176∞ Fahrenheit, the reaction time will be drastically shortened. By using the dip-tank method, no area will remain untreated. Moving parts, such as thread, linkages, etc. must be rinsed before it hardens. Unless youíll like to leave a blank steel (Ferrocon is not harmful to rubber).
  • Once you have treated the metal with Ferrocon, wait until it is dry and hardened. The exact drying time depends on the temperature of Ferrocon (the warmer the better), the thickness of the rust and the surrounding temperature.
  • When a blank bare surface is required, rinse Ferrocon off with water before the reaction process has ended or until you can observe the bare metal. This proses can be repeated. In case a white layer of phosphate powder pops up, remove this with a brush.
  • When a primer is required, you do not need to rinse off the surface of the metal with water. A hardened steel phosphate coating will remain after the application. This coating can be used as a primer. This is an excellent primer for any kind of coating (accept zinc). The finishing process does not have to be done immediately. Its possible to delay for several days. In this time the surface should not be in contact with water.

Note: used up Ferrocon from a dip-tank can be used as a fertilizer for your home and garden plants (dilute with water: 1 Ferrocon to 20 parts water).

Remove rust from steel and prime - with Ferrocon!
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  • Very economical: 1 liter is sufficient for 88 ft2.
  • Available in 0,5 / 1 / 2,5 / 5 / 10 / 25 Liter.