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Since 1993 Ecoform Europe specializes in sustainable products for water proofing building materials for the professionals and do-it-yourselves. With our years of experience and specialist knowledge we deliver 100% quality and service. It makes us market leader in the field of water proofing for the most essential building materials such as concrete, stone, wood and steel. From rising damp in cellars, green deposits in the garden, rust on steel and iron or water-repellent facades and all types of wood including plywood. Our products solve it and often prevent the problems from recurring:

  • Oppercon is an excellent surface protecting agent for stone and concrete, like facades and garden stone, to living room floors.
  • With Permacon you can easily make all types of concrete and stone completely liquid-proof.
  • Cementmix is ideal for the simple manufacture of a waterproof cement mortar or concrete.
  • Woodcon is a unique wood protector for every type of wood and creates an invisible water-repellent shield. Without changing the natural look & feel of the wood.
  • Ferrocon is an extremely powerful combination of de-rusting and primer in one.
  • The most recent addition to our product range is Ecocal. It removes lime scale / white stains from walls and facades.

Our products have proven themselves since 1993 under the most toughest conditions and have been developed to make these building materials sustainable and long lasting. Ecoform Europe solutions are none-toxic water based and up to 100% environmentally friendly. Our products are easy to apply for both professionals as the DIY enthusiasts. No special knowledge nor protective clothing is required. With simple tools such as a paint roller, brush or low pressure sprayer you’ll be done in no time at all.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, you can always contact our expert customer service. We are proud that no less than 99% of our customers recommend us and give us a rating of 9.1. We continue to develop new products and improve our services. Your feedback and ideas are more than welcome.

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Rens Koopmans, owner Ecoform Europe

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